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The ability to market your business effectively may be the difference between success and failure



Today's markets are flooded with information and competitors.

The world of marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years. Marketing information about your potential customers and your competition is available and allows you (the business owner) to direct, in a much more efficient way –  marketing campaigns.


Building a strategic campaign that will aim at specific consumers is critical!

This is my expertise and proven experience!

As a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience – I have launched successful brands (both international and local) in companies such as – Strauss, Hed Artzi, Danshar Maccabiah 19th, and many other small and medium-size companies. including 2 startups.


I can help you lead your business to success!


My knowledge and experience, which Includes using the most innovative marketing tools, will help you identify and highlight your business situation, and will give your company the edge over your competition.


Contact me today - We can take your business to the
!place it needs to be

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